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College application essays have the power to reveal tremendous insight into a student's character. That’s why we approach the personal statement and school-specific essays holistically.  We emphasize storytelling techniques, writing style, and tone, which provide students a framework for building cohesive narratives that captivate admissions committees.

Why we're best suited to help your student tell their stories:

When it comes to sharing one’s story, there are no formulas to follow. The true magic of storytelling exists at the intersection of vulnerability and imagination. Therefore, we provide a safe space for students to explore the uncharted territories within themselves that make them bold and will produce essays that stand out. We work with students at all writing levels as they weave together an authentic narrative that showcases their story and what sets them apart.


This approach to writing is inspired by the experiences of our founder, Nikki Weiner, who has designed, facilitated, and led writing workshops for nearly a decade across the globe. Nikki has a natural talent for capturing students' creativity with highly energetic and thought-provoking instruction, often serving as a mirror upon which students can reflect and own their unique stories.

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